Casely Power Pod Wireless Charger


The Casely Power Pod is a wireless charger and power bank that pairs perfectly with your MagSafe-enabled devices. Simply snap the pod onto the back of your cell phone or case and the strong, built-in magnets keep the pod connected to your phone and charging wherever you go.

• Smooth and sleek, its curved shape means you can slip it into a briefcase or pocket, and no one will be the wiser.
• This Power Pod gives most smartphones up to 2 full charges, enabling your phone to stay charged all day at work or on a fun night out.
• It's also a versatile power source for charging both wireless and non-wireless-enabled devices.
• For non-MagSafe-enabled phones, stick the included adhesive magnetic ring to the back of any phone capable of wireless charging and your device will be able to use magnetically-secured, cordless charging while you’re on the move.
• The Casely Power Pod comes with a 5,000mAh battery, 15W max output, and a USB Type-C cable for charging non-wireless enabled devices.
• This Power Pod is a must-have for smartphone users and for companies looking to maximize brand impressions with cell phone real estate.
• This item contains Lithium Ion Batteries. Certain freight methods may not be available, longer shipping times may apply.
• Must have built-in Qi or an external Qi receiver on your device to utilize wireless charging.

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